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DIY: Canning Lid Coasters

All my friends know I'm a big DIY-er and love coming to my home to see what I've been creating lately.  One popular thing in my home that seems to catch a lot of people's attention is my coasters.
If you like them too, the great news is you can make them in a matter of seconds and it only costs you anything where from nothing to a couple bucks!!

DIY Canning Lid Coasters

-Canning jar lids -(I bought mine from a thrift store, but you can also find new ones at many grocery stores for a couple dollars)
-Glue (optional)

How to:
Simply set the screw band upside down and place the metal lid into it, right-side up. That's it! It is optional to glue the metal lid to the screw band.
They are great to use as is, or to have children decorate!